European Media Cloud Campus: Designing #PowerRefugee

A transmedia storytelling concept

During my exchange to University College Oslo and Akershus in Oslo, I was invited to take part of a European Erasmus initiative.

This was a great experience where people from 5 nations came together and worked together to come up with new transmedia concepts for the foundations of the very own European Media Cloud Campus.

What is #PowerRefugee?

#PowerRefugee is the soul of the concept, in which the purpose lies to put positive connotations to the the term 'refugee'

All projects were designed as to tell a story about the situation of the Syrian refugees. Having been lectured about their current situation, how all our different nations perceive their situation, and about transmedia storytelling, we set out to develop concepts.

Our group has thus created a concept around the hashtag #PowerRefugee.

Take a look at #PowerRefugee

My team and I have designed a transmedia concept which included the usage of various media: web, instagram, facebook, snapchat, newspaper, and (if the project would work out well) television and film. Bear in mind that this concept had been developed in only one week and is to be served as a concept which is not followed through.

Visit the main website of #PowerRefugee